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  1. Add Model Romance under marketing -> Model Description, Thsi should be of type text and have a text area input aprox 255 chars. Could be more...
  2. MJB - Model Update not being triggered product: AAF121400L30D1BKPC / model: AAF12 / model description: Alta 12'' LED Flush Mount
  3. arrow keys for page next/ prev can we use ctr arrow so they can use the arrow key for text positioning - remove if not able
  4. Model Level Romance Copy
  5. Product Search product name in grid change to syspro description
  6. Amy Update mega Nav Bar
  7. Michael Update PIM for loading of Shades and Diffuser - completed QA by brian
  8. Michael Split header footer framework - Thursday
  9. Sent Content Review - Pending framework Development, D Brockelmyer, D Shore
  10. Brian Solr Search Framework and testing - Question Black Pendants, 9/17
  11. On category page show availble in xx finishes when available
  12. **work mike Amy Review of site Search Page 9/14-15
  13. **work with amyMichael search page coding by productType
  14. Product Detail Page template 1
  15. Product Detail Page template 2
  16. Product Detail Page template 3
  17. Product Detail Page template 4
  18. Product Detail Page template 5
  19. Product Detail Page template 6
  20. Product Detail Page template 7
  21. Error Bug Checking
  22. Web SSL Last thing before cutover
  23. Analytics GA: UA-13236664-1


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  1. Amy Gotham Font updater for review - completed
  2. Amy Move mockups for code development- completed