CCT 2700K-4000K  

90+ CRI

Full-range dimming




Voice controlled

Energy Star® and T24


Low profile                                          


Controlling your lighting has never been easier: You can use the Wireless Remote Control or download the AFXLight APP for your mobile device or use Amazon's "Alexa". With Slate Pro 2.0 you have options!


Apple and Android compatible.
Download AFXLight APP to use on your mobile device.




Full-Range Warm-To-Cool Color Control

Slate Pro 2.0 has been designed to give you more control and flexibility over lighting the kitchen environment. While preparing food for dinner guests, a full brightness may be preferred, with color temperature set to a cool and clean visibility level. When your guests arrive, a more sociable mood can be created by bringing the dimmer down and adjusting to a warm setting.


Full-Range Dimming Control







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