It is important to know which ballast is in the fluorescent fixture and which lamp is compatible with that ballast. Not using the correct lamp may result in ballast overheating, ballast thermal cycling or premature failure. AFX products offer superior ballasting, but it is very important to use the proper lamp for optimum performance. Here are several tips for ballast troubleshooting:

Lamps will not operate.
  • 1. Check if there is power to the fixture.
  • 2. Be sure lamp is properly seated in socket.
  • 3. Replace the lamp.
  • 4. Reseat or change starter (preheat only).
  • 5. Check wiring connections.
  • 6. Test ballast.
Slow or erratic starting.
  • 1. Check ground (fixture must be grounded for reliable starting).
  • 2. Check ballast label for correct lamp.
  • 3. Check for low voltage supply.
  • 4. Be sure lamp is correctly seated in socket.
  • 5. Test ballast.
Excessive noise.
  • 1. Tighten loose components.
  • 2. Install ballasts of the proper sound rating.
  • 3. Replace faulty ballast(s). Normal operation should resume.
  • 4. Note: All fluorescent ballasts emit some noise.
Lamp(s) are cycling.
  • 1. Check air temperature in and around fixture.
  • 2. Check ballast and coil temperature - ballast case temperatures should not exceed 90C and coil temperatures should not exceed 105C.
  • 3. Remove building insulation from above fixtures to allow heat dissipation.
  • 4. Replace faulty ballast(s). Normal operation should resume.
  • 1. Radios and antenna must be 4 - 10 feet from lamps.
  • 2. Correct condition by use of radio interference filters.