Slate Pro 2.0 - Accessories

There are various Optional Accessories for the SLATE PRO 2.0 LED Panel System. Please note: the Accessories are sold separately.

Following are the available Accessories:
- 24” Interconnect cord (SPLECL24)
- 36” Interconnect cord (SPLECL36)
- 48” Interconnect cord (SPLECL48)
- 72” Interconnect cord (SPLECL72)
- Direct Connector (SPLEDC)
- Occupancy Sensor (LCX-OCC)

SLATE PRO 2.0 LED Panel system:
The Slate Pro Lighting System is a sleek and flexible solution for lighting any task area – new or renovation. Evenly lit, glare-free illumination is driven by an innovative 3-function Wireless Control Switch that puts dimming and color temperature in your hands. You can also download the AFXLight APP for your mobile device or use Amazon's "Alexa". With Slate Pro 2.0 you have options!
As shown: Slate-Accessories

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